Day Eight

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Congratulations on completing Day # 7 modules. This is Day # 8 and the last day of your theory portion in the CNA program. Please watch the following lectures and read the assigned readings. You must successfully complete the modules and pass the Quiz on Day # 8 to successfully graduate from the CNA program. After completion of all 17 modules from Day 1-8, please proceed to the FINALS EXAM. As part of your graduation requirements, please note you must successfully pass a minimum of 3 Final Exams with a pass rate of 80% and above. We encourage you and recommend that you complete all 5 Final Exams but a minimum of 3 Finals are required as part of the mandatory graduation obligations.

DAY # Eight Schedule & Requirements

MODULE 17 HSC Abuse (4 hours)

  1. A) Preventing, recognizing, and reporting instances of resident abuse.


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