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Welcome to YAYA School’s CNA program. This is Day # 1 of your theory in the CNA program. Please watch the following lectures and read the assigned readings. You must successfully complete the modules and pass the Quizzes on Day # 1 to progress to the next courses on Day # 2.

Day # 1 Schedule & Requirements

Module 1 Introduction (2 Hrs)

(A). Roles & Responsibilities of the CNA
(B). Title 22 Division 5 California’s code of Regulations, overview
(C). Requirements for NA certificate
(D). Professionalism
(E). Ethics & Confidentiality

MODULE 2 Patient’s Rights Part 1 (2 hours)

(A). Title 22
(B). Health & Safety Code
(C). Code of Federal Regulations

MODULE 2 Patient’s Rights Part 2 (1 hour)
(D). Preventing recognizing & report resident rights violations (1 Hour)

MODULE 3 Interpersonal Skills (2 hours)

(A). Communications
(B). Defense mechanisms
(C). Sociocultural Factors
(D). Attitudes toward illness &health care family interactions
(E). Family interaction

MODULE 4 Prevention and Management of Catastrophe & Unusual Occurrences (1 hour)

(A). Emergency
(B). General safety rules
(C). Fire & disaster plan
(D). Roles & procedures for CNA
(E). Patient Safety

Module Quizzes

Students must complete the module-associated quizzes for all the 17 modules. Please note you must score a minimum of 80% to pass the quiz and you only have 3 attempts so it is important that you pay attention and write notes while watching the narrated lectures. In addition, it is recommended that you watch all the supplemental Presentations and read the assigned readings from the textbook before and after class in order to be adequately prepared for the quizzes. Students can not progress to the next module unless they have successfully passed the prior module.

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