CNA Hybrid Program 5 Weeks

Program of Study-Nurse Assistant Training Program

(HYBRID course completed both online and in person)

This is a 5-week Nurse Assistant Training Program which prepare students to take the California State Certification Exam. Students will learn basic care services such as bathing, grooming, feeding, and patient vitals. Classes include a combination of theory, skills lab, and clinical training.

  • 5 Weeks (160 hours) – 60 Theory Hours and 100 Clinical Hours
  • Monday – Friday Schedule 
  • Theory Hours: 8 am to 5 pm
  • Clinical Hours:  7:00am to 3.30pm
  • Clinical Site locations in Playa Del Rey and Los Angeles metro areas


  • Must be able to read English at the 6th grade level or higher (Please note an English assessment test is required to enroll).
  • Must possess a valid California ID and Social Security Number
  •  Must have no prior convictions and if they do, must disclose these convictions as required by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).
  •  Must undergo a background check (LIVESCAN) as required by by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).
  • Must have access to a computer or an IPAD with a stable internet connection (cell phones are discouraged for course work due to display technical issues).

Required technology and supplies to participate in the Hybrid CNA Program

Hardware and software requirements

– Desktop computers or laptops with Windows 10, a webcam, microphone, and speakers. An IPAD with IOS can also be utilized. Using cell phones is discouraged as these do not support all of the instructional materials
– Internet Access
– Required Mandatory Textbooks
– YAYA Light blue Nursing Uniform

Our Nurse Assistant Training Program course provides the student with specific skills training and competency required to obtain employment as a nursing assistant, patient care partner, handicapped children’s aide, school health aide, etc. Following successful completion of the core curriculum, the student may test for Certification as a Nursing Assistant. The program, while exposing students to nursing and related medical careers, prepares the student for application to Licensed Vocational Nursing programs or to begin the college level requirements for Registered Nursing and other health care fields.

Our Nurse Assistant Program will prepare you to enter the exciting and growing medical field as a health care worker in settings such as hospitals, clinics, Doctor’s offices, Nursing Homes and Nursing Agencies.

We will train you in just 5 weeks, with the theory portion online, hands-on skills training in our modern skills lab, and actual experience in a health care facility. We will provide you with extensive exam preparation and get you prepared to take the California CNA Certification test.

Graduation Requirements:

To meet the graduation requirements, the student must complete the following:

All required 60 hours of Theory Training (17 Modules), and 100 hours of Clinical Training.
A grade of 80% or better in all theory modules and a minimum of 3 finals.
Passing clinical evaluations with Satisfactory performances demonstrating that the student has successfully completed all clinical objectives.
All tuition balances and fees paid.

The student will qualify to take the State Competency Evaluation Exam after all graduation requirements are met.

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